How to re-image a Chrome device

How to re-image a Chrome device

This will wipe the device and force it to update to the latest version. This is useful if a machine is having trouble updating, you are seeing strange errors, or if you are having trouble pulling updated settings.

Google instructions:

Each batch has a different image name. To find it, under step one you will see:

“You can choose to recover your Chromebook if you don’t see either message by pressing the recovery button. Turn off your Chromebook, press this button, and while keeping it pressed, turn it on again. In some cases, you’ll need to poke the button by using a pin, while other devices use a keyboard shortcut for recovery.”

Then an expanding menu called “Find the recovery button location for your chrome book”

Expand that and select “Samsung Series 3” (For Chrome Box) or “Samsung Chromebook” (For Chromebook)

For Chromebox:
You will see an image showing the location of the reset button. With the device off hold that button then turn the device on while still holding it in. You will get the recovery screen and it will show you the image you need to download. It often looks something like: “SAMS – XXXX – XXXX – …”

For Chromebook:
Turn the device off, then holding “refresh” and “esc” at the same time, power it on. You will see a screen that says the OS is missing or damaged. Near the bottom you will see the name of the image you will need.

Continue to step 2 and 3 on the Google instructions page to create your USB installer and image the device.

Once finished, re-enroll your device like you did the first time.