Resetting a Chrome device

For the Chromebook:

Press ESC + + POWER. The screen displays a yellow exclamation point (!).

Press CTRL + D to begin dev mode, then ENTER. The screen displays a red exclamation point.

Press CTRL + D, then ENTER. The Chromebook deletes its local data, returning to its initial state. The deletion takes approximately 15 minutes.

When the transaction completes, press the spacebar, then press ENTER to return to verified mode….

For the Chromebox:

Turn off the Chromebox.

Locate the Kensington lock port, on the back of the device next to the power port.

Gently move the switch held within the lock port away from the power port using a paper clip or a pin. Moving the switch to this position puts the Chromebox into Developer mode.

Start the Chromebox. The screen displays a sad face icon rather than starting up immediately.

Press Ctrl-D to begin the wiping process. If you don’t press Ctrl-D, the process starts automatically after 20 seconds. The Chromebox begins returning to its initial internal state. The process takes about 5 minutes. Do not turn off the Chromebox during the wiping process.. The sad face icon appears again when the process is complete.

Press Ctrl-D again, or wait for 20 seconds. The initial sign on screen appears.

Turn off the Chromebox.

Return the switch from step 3 to its original position (towards the power port, which is normal mode).

Start the Chromebox.

Enroll the Chromebox before signing in to it.