Important Dates and MRR Tech Forms

FY ’18 MRR Technology Improvement Process Timeline:

Please note – if you are able to submit the requested documents earlier than the deadline, please do so.

  • 10.13.2017Level of Participation Form deadline – Submit form here.
  • 11.30.2017 – Deadline for submitting your Purchasing Plan for approval.

Click here to submit the Purchasing Plan.

Any item appearing on the menu is automatically approved. Any item not on the menu will be reviewed in order to ensure it complies with the intention of the MRR funds. (Flummoxed by all of the choices? Please check out the Tech Learning Kits page to get a good idea of what it is, how to use, etc.)

Libraries choosing either the Gold or Platinum level of participation will need to complete the Level of Participation Form. Submit the form here.

  • 02.28.2018 Deadline for libraries to submit MRR Payment Request. Please include the appropriate reimbursement form and copies of invoices. Library systems will be reimbursed within 21 business days of filing completed form.