MRR Tech Funds 2018

Intentions for FY’18 MRR Technology Improvement and Replacement Funds

The allocation for these funds is specifically for public access computer replacement and computing infrastructure. We are interpreting this as broadly as possible to allow you maximum flexibility to address diverse needs, while we acknowledge the advisability of staying true to legislative intent.

For FY2018, GPLS received $3.19m in Technology Funding for libraries.  This amount lends itself to thinking differently.  The MIT Committee was convened to review options for the most scaleable and efficient use of the MRR Tech Funds on behalf of Georgia’s public libraries.

This year, the MRR Tech funds* were divided into three parts (Click the link to learn more information about each part):

1. Library Disbursements:  $2,425,535 – Amount to be divided among the 63 library systems using the funding formula used in previous years.

2. Scaleable Investments – $400,000+ – Amount set aside to fund scaleable projects for all libraries. Items to be purchased with these funds include the Dremel 3D Printer/Programming Combo, Tech Loaner Kits, and PINES Servers.

Note:  If your library system would like to opt out of receiving a 3D printer, please email Emily Almond at no later than Friday, October 13, 2017.

3. Technology Innovation Grants – $400,000 – New this year is an opportunity for libraries to apply for a Technology Innovation Grant that gives them an opportunity to take a risk on a new and innovative technology.

More information about Technology Innovation Grants coming soon!!

*The total funds available include monies left over from previous MRR Technology Fund Projects.