MRR – Computer Replacement Funds FY’17

Intentions for MRR funds

The allocation for these funds is specifically for public access computer replacement and
computing infrastructure. We are interpreting this as broadly as possible to allow you
maximum flexibility to address diverse needs, while we acknowledge the advisability of
staying true to legislative intent.

Unlike the last 2 times, in this round we have an additional opportunity, namely E-Rate Category 2 funding. (Please see this excellent breakdown from our friends in Maine for a breakdown of what you are eligible for)

So, in terms of how you can spend your allocation, it could go one of three ways:

  1. You can spend all of it on covering post E-Rate discount Category 2 amounts (If you’re eligible for $100k for Category 2 and your discount is 80%, you would then still owe $20k. This MRR money would cover that.)
  2. You can spend all of your allocation on computer replacement, makerspaces, wifi hotspots. etc. (As in years’ past, we will provide a menu with volume discounts from which you can order.)
  3. You can do a combination of both. If you’ve spent what you can on Cat2 and still have money left over, you can spend it on computer replacement.

FY ’17 MRR Process Timeline:

  • 10.31.2016 – 12.16.2016 – Deadline for delivering your MRR purchasing plan to Emily. Any item appearing on the menu is automatically approved. Any item not on the menu will be reviewed in order to ensure it complies with the intention of the MRR funds.(Flummoxed by all of the choices? Please check out the Tech Learning Kits page to get a good idea of what it is, how to use, etc.)
  • 11.30.2016 – 12.30.16 – Deadline for tech plans to be approved by GPLS. Items on the bulk discount menu automatically approved; “off-menu” items will be reviewed in order to ensure they comply with the intention of the MRR funds.
  • 01.31.2017 – Procurement deadline – Orders placed with vendors either on the bulk discount menu  or “off-menu.”
  • 02.28.2017  – 03.31.17 – Deadline for libraries to file MRR Reimbursement Request Form & provide copies of invoices to Tamika. Library systems will be reimbursed within 14 business days of filing completed form.