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Find answers to some of your questions below.


Do I need to fill out at form 470 every year?

No. You only need to file a 470 when you go out to bid. You need to file a 471 in the years you do not file a 470.


How many days do I need to wait to contact vendors after my form 470 has been filed?

You must wait 28 days.


When does the filing window for E-Rate Form 471 open? When does it close?

The typical filing window for the 471 form opens in January and closes on March.


What is the Discount Calculation Section?

The discount calculation section, formerly the “Block 4 worksheets,” of the online FCC Form 471 (or “Application”), seeks information from applicants on each of their entities (schools and/or libraries) to:

* Calculate the E-rate Program discount for a school district, a library system, or a consortium or statewide application.

* Calculate the Category Two budget for each individual entity that will have a budget for discounts on eligible Category Two services.

While this information may be entered directly into the online Application when the yearly FCC Form 471 window is open, applicants may also upload this information into the Application via an Excel file using USAC-provided discount calculation templates (different versions are provided for schools and libraries). These templates help applicants to compile discount calculation information and simplify the process of completing the discount calculation section of the FCC Form 471 by allowing applicants to prepare an Excel file for uploading in advance.

Click here to go to our Discount Calculation Section page to get a copy of the template and the instructions.


Do I have to complete a Technology Plan to qualify for E-Rate?

No. Technology plans are no longer a USAC (E-Rate) requirement.


Should I request Category 2 funding this year and what can I use the money for?

Yes. There is extra funding for this category and everyone should apply. The funds can be used several things, including wireless infrastructure. Click this resource that provides a breakdown of Category 1 & Category 2 Funding Chart done by our friends at Network Maine.