E-Rate 2.0

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Quick Tips:
1. How to find your Discount Rate:

You must indicate which library in the library system is the “main branch” and identify the school district where the main branch is located. This is how you find your discount rate for the library system. From your Landing Page, click on the main branch under “My Entities”, go to ‘Manage Organization” and make sure “Main Branch” is checked under the library information.  Once you do that, a text field appears that allows you to associate the school district where your main branch is located. This will import discount information in to your profile/Form471. This must be completed before you file your Form 471.

2. Entity Numbers:

If in the past you filed applications for your library system using the administration building’s entity number to represent the library system, you will now need two numbers – one for the admin building and one for the library system. The library system will be the organization filing applications, also known as the Billed Entity (BEN). Contact USAC’s Client Service Bureau (1-888-203-8100) if this change affects you.

Breakdown of Category 1 & Category 2 Funding: Our friends at Network Maine put together this amazing chart breaking it all down.

Remember, beginning with Funding Year 2015, Priority One has been renamed to Category One or Cat 1 and Priority Two has been renamed to Category Two or Cat 2.

Both Category One and Category Two focus on broadband support.

New Year, New E-Rate: E-Rate Implementation Begins – ALA OITP Webinar on E-Rate changes to come.

E-rate 2.0 GPLS Directors Meeting– BOR E-Rate team, Director’s Meeting, December, 2014.

USAC’s Schools and Library Division Website

E-Rate Applications Process

E-Rate Modernization Order

  • Archived Webinar Recording of the E-Rate Modernization Webcast

Urban/Rural Tools

Lookup Tool – https://sltools.universalservice.org/portal-external/urbanRuralLookup/

Status Reports by State – http://www.usac.org/sl/tools/urban-rural-report/default.aspx