Technology Loaner Kit Use Policy

You must accept the Use Policy when you request online.

Any library system in Georgia may borrow the Technology Loaner Kit for the purpose of providing hands-on familiarization and training with e-readers, tablets and other innovative technology. There are various devices included in each Kit. There are 4 regular loaner kits, a 3D Printer kit and 3 Streetview Kits available for loan. Requests must be made two weeks from the date required.


  • The borrowing library must contact the Georgia Public Library Service by online form and receive confirmation as to the materials loaned and duration of the loan.
  • The standard loan period is two weeks but may be negotiated if circumstances demand a longer loan period.

Responsibilities of the Georgia Public Library Service

  • GPLS will house and maintain the devices and linked vendor accounts.
  • GPLS will provide carrying cases for the loaned device for safe transport, via the PINES Courier Service.

Responsibilities of the borrowing library

  • Completion of the Tech Loaner Kit Reservation Form at the website.
  • Inform GPLS of any damages done to or loss of the Tech Loaner Kit, its components or carrying cases.
  • Planned programming for staff and/or patrons.