Chrome Update: Nov 2015


Digital Signage:

Kathleen McClure(Okefenokee Regional Library System) developed this awesome primer for digital signage with Chrome.


LibData Rate Sheet

LibData Purchase Examples

Time and print management:

The first test of time and print management software for chrome happened a few weeks ago at the Hogansville Public Library and was a success. It took months for the application to be approved by Google engineers but is now on the market. The app was developed by Charles Ellis of Libdata and piloted by Keith Schuermann.

Forced re-enrollment to domain:
A recent update to the chrome admin panel enabled “forced re-enrollment”. From now on, once a device is enrolled under any system in the georgialibraries domain it will be a permanent part of our domain unless an admin removes it through the admin panel. This means devices that are stolen can not be wiped and sold and will essentially be unusable. Verizon has used a similar tactic with their phones for years and has all but eliminated theft of their phones.

The first of the new, low cost Asus Chromeboxes have been deployed and have shown no issues so far.

Remember to purchase a Chrome admin panel license with each chrome device you order! The link will be added to the MRR list by Sept. 16th.