June.2012. Public Library Funding & Technology Access Study 2011-2012 – This report provides information that can help library directors and library IT staff benchmark and advocate for technology resources in communities across the nation. The data are also of importance for policymakers at local, state, and federal levels, manufacturers of information and communication technologies, and the communities served by public libraries.

April.2012. U.S. Public Libraries: A Snapshot of Priorities & Perspectives

August.2011. After 30 years, IBM says PC going way of vacuum tube and typewriter – NetworkWorld

July.2011. Why Does Broadband Matter? – techsoup

May.2011. Digital Public Library of America: A suggested approach – PLA blog | Nate Hill

May.2011. All Hail the Public Library! – 6 mentions of computer use & technology adding to ROI of libraries.

April. 2011. Is the book dead? Nope! 5 Myths About the ‘Information Age’ – The Chronicle Review – The Chronicle of Higher Education

What is the Future of the Library?


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